HTML Elements

HTML Elements

What is HTML Elements?

To learn to write HTML codes, You must have to know the HTML elements. Usually, HTML elements included a start tag and end/close tag and all the text insert between these tags. There are also some single and empty tags in HTML

Suppose, you want to make a cake, you must need some flour, sugar, oil, water and so on. Thus, you must have to know some elements to write HTML codes.

If you don’t use this elements with your codes, your codes wain’t run your browser. So, let’s learn HTML Elements to run your codes in your browser. 

Note: There are some empty elements whose don’t contains any contents. These elements are called empty elements. line break tag is a empty elements tag.

HTML 5 haven’t any restriction of using upper or lower case in your tags. But you should use lower case in your tag name.

Start tag:

<start tag name>Content

writing any text in HTML files, you have to start a start tag. It is required to run you codes. A starting tag is surrounded with two angle brackets (<…>). 

End Tag:

Content</end tag name>

To write any text in HTML files, you have to end with a end or closing tag. It is required to run you codes. A end tag starts with a left angle bracket and then a slash sign and ends with right angle bracket (<…>). 

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>For Big Heading</h1>
<p>For paragraph.</p>
<strong> For text bold </stromg><br>
<u> For underline </u>


For Big Heading

For paragraph.

For text bold
For underline

Don’t forget to use start and end tag in your HTML content. We recommend to use lower case in html tag name.