Install Notepad++

To learn web design/development, you have to set up your computer. It’s not the part of web design and development course, but if you want to write your code to run your browser, you must have a text editor on your machine/computer. We’ll use notepad++ text editor to run our course.

So guys, download notepad++ on your computer and install it. To download notepad++, you can search on your browser or simply click here

Notepad++ Installation Guide:

To install the software, you have to download it first. To download, click on the link above or featured image. Then, choose your computer’s configuration version (32 bit or 64 bit). 

As my computer configuration is 64 bit, I have to download it. After completing download, follow the instruction to install.

  • Notepad++ (HTML Editor)
  • Photoshop
  • Firefox Browser
notepad++ download instruction

1. To install notepad++ software, double click on the downloaded file

notepad++ download instruction

2. Double click on the Run button to install the software.

install notepad++ instruction

3. Here select a language, and click OK. I’ll recommend default, because you’ll write all your code in English.

install notepad++

4. After that click Next and again Next and click I Agree button.

install notepad++

5. In this section, you have to show the location where you want to install the software. To select a location, click on browse button and then select a location. After selecting a location, click next button.

install notepad++

6. If you want to create a shortcut on your desktop then check the Create Shortcut on Desktop. Click install button to start installation notepad++ 

install notepad++

7. Choosing your location, you have to click Next buttons and finally check the Run Notepad++ and click finish.

install notepad++

8. After installing notepad++ successfully, you will see a default page with some codes. Don’t worry, click the cross button to cut the page.

Go to next click Go Foreword Button to start your learning.

If you have any questions, just knock me in our group.