Web design requirement


We suggest some skills, tools, and some devices as web design requirements. 

What do you need to be a web designer?

You must need some devices, tools, skills to be a professional web designer. As we teach you a-z about web design, you also have some equipment.


As device, you need a computer or laptop with internet.

A web designer must have some knowledge in English. If you learn web designing with your native language, you also need to know English to get online work or work globally.

I recommend to have a little knowledge in Photoshop. Because, You have to use a a lot of images in your design. Though you have all types of image on internet, your knowledge in Photoshop will help you to design your project perfectly.

Browsing internet is a prior recommendation to be a better web designer. Though we will teach you everything over web design, you must browse internet to get more and more ideas.

Using Tools:

We will teach you using some tools like html editor and other tools. But, you need to know over basic knowledge like files  Zip and Unzip, software installation website sign up etc.

Tools we will use here:

  • Notepad++ (HTML Editor)
  • Photoshop
  • Google Chrome Browser