Web Design

Web design and development

We suggest some skills, 

Web design refers the interface what we see on computer, tablet or mobile screens. Visual aesthetics layout, color, images, text  are related to web design. Some people/designer call it user interface/user experience design (UI/UX).

User interface means what user can see like text, images, colors etc. But user interface refers experiences of users like how it be more flexible or easy to use. It means where will be navigation, where will be button and so on.

It is usually designed with some drawing or illustration tools like Photoshop or illustrator or other tools.

Web designer usually use HTML (for markup), CSS (for describing the presentation), Java Script (for special effect) to design a living website. They are not any programming language rather designing script. But java script is similar to programming language as it is used to develop a site.

To design a responsive (compatible to computer, tablet or mobile screen.) site, you must have a knowledge of HTML and CSS.

At present, there are some CMS (content management system) for design a perfect website without these script or even any other coding language. They have special features to create websites easily. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. 

You must need some devices, tools, skills to be a professional web designer. As we teach you a-z about web design, you also have some equipment.